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Composite Boards

Touch and feel the most natural capped composite decking boards in the industry.

UltraShield®’s exclusive colors & patterns give you endless possibilities. The latest Naturale™ line features a unique treatment on the shield to make it the most natural feeling capped wood plastic composite EVER.

UltraShield® composite decking board comes in solid & hollow profiles for both commercial and residential applications, with the flexibility to choose between common screws and hidden fasteners. All of them are wrapped 360 degrees, including the grooves. The shield provides ULTRA PROTECTION against moisture, mold, fade, and mildew.


Composite decking is an increasingly popular choice for decking whether you are seeking patio decking options, banister materials, railing materials or other outdoor decking options. It is sometimes referred to as fake decking or imitation decking, but it is more accurately described as manufactured or engineered decking.

Composite decking products are man-made decking products that combine a mix of recycled plastic and recycled wood fibers to create a product that looks just like real wood. However, these deck composite materials are an improvement in many ways over actual wood.

Why are more and more homeowners finding composite deck material options to be the best decking material? There are actually quite a few reasons. One of the most important for homeowners is the durability of man-made decking timber. Because of their material construction, along with our UltraShield® capping technology, they do not rot and result in much more weather-resistant decking than you will find with ordinary wood decking material.

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“I had never seen a decking this good before, Newtechwood Ultrashield Naturale.”


ultrashield decking
    • US07 – Cortes Series

Solid Deck Board
5.5 x 0.9 in (138 x 22.5 mm)

ultrashield decking
    • US01 – Magellan Series

Solid Deck Board with Grooves
5.5 x 0.9 in (138 x 22.5 mm)

composite decking boards
    • UH02 – Voyager Series

Circle Hollow Deck Board with Grooves
5.5 x 0.9 in (138 x 22.5 mm)

outdoor decking
    • US33 – Columbus Series

5.5 x 0.9 in (138 x 22.5 mm)


You will find that composite deck boards are much longer lasting than traditional patio materials and that your deck will require much less maintenance. One of the reasons people are reluctant to have a deck in the first place is because of all the maintenance a traditional patio or backyard deck made out of standard wood backyard deck materials requires.

With a standard wood deck, you have to deal with care issues like sanding, sealing and staining to protect it from the elements, and you will find yourself much more frequently in a situation where you need to replace boards or redo the entire deck. With our capped composite deck boards, just spray it with a basic household cleaner a couple of times a year and sit back and enjoy it the rest of the time.

Capped composite decking is also extremely mold and insect-resistant. Insects are unlikely to penetrate it (or want to), and if any mold or mildew develops, you can generally just wash it right off.

Ironically, you may find that composite patio decking material often makes a deck look more like wood than actual wood. We can duplicate the look of a wide range of hardwoods, even some exotic varieties you might not otherwise be able to enjoy if you are building an actual wood deck. Furthermore, capped composite decking materials are extremely fade-resistant and stain-resistant, meaning you can enjoy your deck’s rich color for a very long time to come.

Standard Color Range

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Decking Boards
Composite Deck boards
Composite Decking Colors
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Deck Board
roman antique composite decking

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We think you will find that manufactured decking boards are the best deck flooring material, and we also offer railing composite materials, banister composite materials and balcony composite materials to complete your deck or other home improvement project.

You can make your entire deck out of this material, and putting it together is a breeze. You are likely to have much less difficulty with railing installation, banister installation and balcony installation, and related accessories are manufactured to be easy to install. Using no special tools and the side grooves provided, composite deck installation is usually quick and simple, without any splinters or warping.

If you like the idea of a backyard patio or deck that looks beautiful and exotic and enhances the overall exterior décor of your home, without all the frustration and effort that comes with a traditional deck, contact NewTechWood today. If you’re a distributor of outdoor decking material looking to offer new deck material options to your customers, we can help — get in touch with us right now.



A complete composite deck installation video guide shows all steps from kick off the installation of your composite deck board to finish it in perfect outlook. All basis of measuring, accessories usage, first deck board installation, last deck board installation and fascia finishing are all clearly elaborated. It is found how easy to install Newtechwood Ultrashield Naturale composite decking board.

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Now that you know you’re interested in composite outside decking material, why do you want UltraShield® patio composite materials? Quite simply because with UltraShield®, NewTechWood has taken everything that’s great about composite and laminate decking and made it better.

This is not the conventional wood and plastic hybrid you may have heard of or even worked with before. Our NewTechWood UltraShield®is the culmination of years of engineering and field-testing with the goal of developing the most fade-resistant, most durable, most reliable and best looking outside decking options the industry can possibly offer.

We didn’t just combine any recycled plastic with wood. We took high-density polyethylene plastic, mixed it with wood fibers and covered the whole thing with a polymer coating that seals the board in an impermeable scratch, stain and fade-resistant shell.



to perfectly finish your decking with our accessories.


fasten your deck board with NewTechWood complete clipping solution.

The result is a capped wood plastic composite protected on all four sides that is incredibly durable and easy-to-maintain as well as the most eco-friendly decking solution you are likely to find. The core and shield are extruded together under a high-temperature mold, which means we require no chemicals or adhesives that could release toxins into the environment. The material itself is all recycled and completely recyclable.

Some capped composite deck boards do not offer capping on all sides, but ours have 360-degree capping, which is really the only way to fully protect the core of the board from all potential hazards like ultraviolet radiation and mold. You can be sure decks made from our boards will look great all the way around.

Manu-Spec & Spec-Data

ultra shield

Manu-Spec is a proprietary 3-part specification. Our composite siding critical technical information are included.
It utilizes the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Project Resource Manual (PRM), including MasterFormat™, SectionFormat™ and PageFormat™.

ultra shield


Spec-Data is a ConstructConnect-exclusive 10 – part specification that provides product information in layman’s terms. No fluff. No boasts. Just the facts.
Using the prescribed CSI standards, Spec-Data pulls together all details an architect needs to evaluate, select and specify the products.

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CMD SpecResources


If all this weren’t enough, it may interest you to know that your new UltraShield® deck will be backed up by a 25-year limited transferable warranty, the most comprehensive warranty in this industry. We know you are going to love your new composite deck and that it will stand the test of time, and we’re willing to prove it by offering to pay for any labor expenses related to replacing any of your NewTechWood UltraShield® decking material if it doesn’t perform as we have promised. You have nothing to lose and a beautiful, long-lasting, low-maintenance deck to gain with UltraShield®.

If you’d like to learn more about how NewTechWood and UltraShield® have revolutionized capped composite decking and how our concerted efforts can benefit you and your home, we’re more than happy to talk about it. Contact us right now with your questions or give us a call toll-free at 866-728-5273.



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Decking Naturale(Hollow) Technical Sheet

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Decking Naturale(Solid) Technical Sheet



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